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Video Advertising Player

Our lightweight HTML5 video player ensures rapid incorporation of instream video ads on publishers’ sites, fully compliant with IAB VAST/SIMID/OMID and Google IMA standards.

Video Advertising Integration

We blend advertisements effortlessly into your content. This ensures optimal revenue generation while maintaining an uninterrupted and enjoyable viewing experience for your audience

Video Adstack Optimization

We meticulously adjust your video ads to align perfectly with your target demographic. This strategy ensures increased engagement, yielding a more substantial return on investment for your campaigns.

Video Advertising Reporting

We provide instantaneous, comprehensive analytics on viewer behavior, engagement levels, and revenue generation, arming you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

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Once publishers ourselves, we wrestled with the complexities of maximizing revenue, encountering firsthand the intricate challenges you face. That lived experience fortifies AdSight with an unrivaled understanding and undeniable empathy towards your journey. Here, we’re not just technologically adept but deeply human, bringing a finely-tuned resonance to your financial aspirations.

We don’t just comprehend your needs; we feel them, positioning us uniquely to amplify your income. Expect from us a profound understanding, stellar communication, and a partnership that propels your success skyward

"In the digital realm, it's not about who comes first, but who adapts the best."

About Us:

With over a decade in the industry, AdSight boasts 10+ years of profound expertise in Online Marketing. Our rich history shapes our innovative approach, making us a trusted partner in the digital landscape.

Tech-Savvy with a human touch

At AdSight, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with a keen human perspective. Our team not only excels in the technical realm but also values the importance of human intuition and understanding. This unique combination ensures our solutions resonate authentically, striking the perfect balance between digital excellence and human insight.

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Reporting 85%
Support & Communication97%

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